Statistical methods and models for complex data

800 years of research to understand a complex world

Poster session

Juniors of the Department

  • Agnoletto Davide: Mortality curves estimation using BNP (joint work with T.Rigon and B.Scarpa)
  • Alfonzetti Giuseppe: A stochastic optimization algorithm for pairwise likelihood estimation of factor models with ordinal data (joint work with R.Bellio, Y.Chen, and I.Moustaki)
  • Andreella Angela: Procrustes analysis for high-dimensional data (joint work with L.Finos)
  • Arnone Eleonora: Regularized semiparametric models on planar linear networks.
  • Banzato Erika: A Bartlett-type correction for likelihood ratio tests with application to testing equality of Gaussian graphical models (joint work with M.Chiogna, V.Djordjilovic, and D.Risso)
  • Belloni Pietro: Not only pharmacovigilance data: the use of biochemical features in drug adverse events prediction (joint work with N.Tatonetti and G.Boccuzzo)
  • Bianco Nicolas: Approximate Bayesian inference for dynamic sparsity in time-varying parameter model 
  • Bortolato Elena: Convergence of MCMC algorithms on manifolds through coupling techniques
  • Castiglione Cristian: Approximate belief updating via semiparametric variational Bayes (joint work with M.Bernardi)
  • Collarin Claudia: Automatic effect selection for generalized additive models (joint work with M.Fasiolo and C.Agostinelli)
  • Corsini Noemi: Dealing with overdispersion in multivariate count data (joint work with C.Viroli)
  • D’Angelo Laura: Clustering activation patterns of spatially-referenced neurons 
  • Depaoli Emanuele Giovanni: Functional concurrent regression with compositional covariates to study the time-varying effect of causes of death on human longevity (joint work with M.Stefanucci and S.Mazzuco)
  • De Santis Riccardo: Inference in generalized linear models with robustness to misspecified variances (joint work with J.J.Goeman, J. Homerik and L.Finos)
  • Evkaya Ozan: Clustering mortality data with nonparametric Bayesian approach
  • Huang Caizhu: Higher-order likelihood solutions for hypotheses testing in moderate to high dimensional multivariate normal models (joint work with N.Sartori)
  • Mascaretti Andrea: Nonparametric mixture of envelope models 
  • Montin Anna: Locating γ-Ray Sources on the Celestial Sphere via Modal Clustering (joint work with A.R.Brazzale and G.Menardi)
  • Nguyen Ngoc Dung: Model selection for colored graphical models for paired data
  • Pozza Francesco: Accurate skewed asymptotic approximations of posterior distributions
  • Savio Andrea: Renewable energy transition in Europe: a multi-national analysis
  • Schiavon Lorenzo: Fast structured matrix factorization (joint work with A.Canale and B.Nipoti)
  • Silan Margherita:Identification of neighbourhood clusters on data balanced by a poset-based approach (joint work with P.Belloni e G.Boccuzzo)
  • Sottosanti Andrea: Co-clustering of spatially resolved transcriptomic data (joint work with D.Risso)
  • Stival Mattia: Doubly-online changepoint detection for monitoring health status during sports activities (joint work with M.Bernardi and P.Dellaportas)
  • Stolf Federica: A hierarchical Bayesian non-asymptotic extreme value model for spatial data
  • Vesely Anna: Valid p-hacking via flipscores test (joint work with P.Girardi, D.Lakens, and L.Finos)
  • Zago Daniele: Profile monitoring based on adaptive parameter learning (joint work with G.Capizzi)


Contributed session

Seniors of the Department

  • Giovanna Boccuzzo: Measuring frailty in the population: a challenge fraught with complexity (joint work with M.Silan)
  • Alessandra R. Brazzale: Unsupervised disentangling of a signal from background for new physics discoveries (joint work with G.Menardi)
  • Massimiliano Caporin: Estimating assets interdependencies by restricted VAR models: estimation, structural representation and financial network interpretation (joint work with D.Erdemlioglu and S.Nasini)
  • Giuliana Cortese: Efficient Estimation and Regression for the Marginal Mean of Recurrent Events (joint work with T.H. Scheike)
  • Gianpiero Dalla-Zuanna: Work, couples, and fertility in Italy: back to Malthus (joint work with A.Minello and C.Paolin)
  • Tommaso Di Fonzo: Point and probabilistic forecast reconciliation for general linearly constrained multiple time series (joint work with D.Girolimetto)
  • Maria Letizia Tanturri: Time allocation and well-being in later life (joint work with A.Donno)

Keynote speakers

  • Annette Baudisch
    University of Southern Denmark
    Towards a transdisciplinary framework to analyze birth and death patterns
    Discussed by: Stefano Mazzuco and Cinzia Mortarino
  • Emmanuel Candès
    Stanford University
    Conformal inference in 2022
    Discussed by: Davide Risso and Aldo Solari
  • Bianca Maria Colosimo
    Politecnico di Milano
    Big data mining for industry 4.0: the new pathway for the digital and green ‘twin’ transition
    Discussed by: Antonio Canale and Antonio Lepore
  • Daniele Durante
    Università Luigi Bocconi
    The role of skewed distributions in Bayesian inference: conjugacy, scalable approximations and asymptotics
    Discussed by: Adelchi Azzalini and Brunero Liseo
    Bernardo Colombo lecture
  • Sylvia Fruhwirth-Schnatter
    Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
    150 years of finite mixture analysis – how statisticians reveal hidden structures in complex data
    Discussed by: Roberto Casarin and Luca Tardella
  • Emily Grundy
    University of Essex
    Intergenerational influences on health
    Discussed by: Stefano Campostrini and Daniele Vignoli
  • Rob J. Hyndman
    Monash University
    Visualization of complex seasonal patterns in time series
    Discussed by: Luisa Bisaglia and Matteo Pelagatti
  • Xiao-Li Meng
    Harvard University
    Multi-resolution Theory for Approximating Infinite-p-Zero-n: Transitional Inference, Individualized Predictions, and a World Without Bias-Variance Tradeoff
    Discussed by: Ruggero Bellio and Cristiano Varin
  • Art Owen
    Stanford University
    Complexity of Crossed Random Effects
    Discussed by: Alessandra Salvan and Nicola Sartori
  • Giovanni Parmigiani
    Harvard University
    Replicability of predictions across studies: challenges and opportunities.
    Discussed by: Marco Alfò and Gianmarco Altoè
  • Christian P. Robert
    Université Paris-Dauphine
    Inferring the number of components in a mixture: dream or reality?
    Discussed by: Emanuele Aliverti and Tommaso Rigon
  • Judith Rousseau
    University of Oxford
    Bayesian nonparametric density estimation for data living close to an unknown manifold
    Discussed by: Sonia Petrone and Laura Ventura
  • Laura Sangalli
    Politecnico di Milano
    Spatial and functional data over non-Euclidean domains
    Discussed by: Antonio Calcagnì and Ilaria Prosdocimi
  • Alessandro Vespignani
    Northeastern University
    COVID-19: data, modeling, and communication
    Discussed by: Paolo Girardi and Alessia Melegaro
  • Changliang Zou
    Nankai University
    Large-scale statistical inference via multiple-splitting and aggregation
    Discussed by: Manuela Cattelan and Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis